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The latest launch of the Nike Free Trainer 5 N7, forest green shoes collocation blue green shoelaces and bottom elements, while the classic Free soles, and tongue lining is selected rather low-key calm black color, is expected in October 27th will be officially on sale, priced at $90, favorite friends can be a lot of attention. before we met two pairs of carbon fiber lines do the shoes Jordan Retro 1 Phat Mid this summer, we will also see a pair of shoes with carbon fiber lines do white Jordan Retro 1 Phat Mid, an upper, a shoe heel, toe shoes, LOGO, the application of the carbon grain decoration, the the shoes will be available for sale in the country next month. back in 1994 that Air Go LWP, at the time of the numerous talented backcourt players go for it, but really can live down "it" is only penny hardaway. The congenital long arm and long leg of a penny make it easy to break into the interior, and it is also a natural thing to do so. Occasionally, you can ride a person. The story is now legend, the fly has penny for clouds dispersed, and then look at the old peer Hill, as taking the general yilishen mighty, actually occasionally send dunks · · · remember Eric Avar, hot fry shortly before the ZK6 designer this pair of Air Go, LWP is actually his son "". Legendary designers, legendary shoes, legendary players also legendary shoes, so reasoning, as if the shoes are a collection of thousands of spoiled one lucky man, not too much! this pair of classic Air LWP in Go after sleeping for more than ten years will reappear attracted many Polish shopping, sale time is not sure, please pay attention to the follow-up reports. in addition to eastern and Western showdown topic, Adidas Originals also prepared the commemoration of the 1995 all star game (also held in Phoenix) style, then all star Jersey color design color very local style fusion, don't forget to launch the retro jerseys, combination of such "intimate", equipment group of friends not quite what I have! download (86.05, KB) download (231.62 KB) April 29th afternoon, Zhongshan customs, Nantou, Dongfeng, Xiaolan called Dongsheng town north of four clothing and small household electrical appliances production enterprises, held a "OEM enterprises customs protection of intellectual property rights training". Nike, Adidas executives per capita made it clear that there is no possibility of Mashup orders. the brand right people explained the characteristics and methods to identify their own brand, and emphasized that the OEM enterprise in order, we must carefully check whether there is a regular client brand authorization documents. "Our authorized production process is very strict, not simply to produce a few materials to order, but to carry out a series of review."." The head of Adidas company said, "we have always been authorized separately. Cheap jordans online If you receive orders other than Adidas, there are other brands authorized jointly, which must be false."." Nike official said, if the client is not interested in the production environment, also don't ask whether workers overtime, it must be a "copycat" client ", in addition to not mix orders, Nike is not possible with other brand products mixed container." Zhongshan customs official said, affected by the economic downturn, some of the lack of independent intellectual property rights, weak competitiveness of small and medium-sized foreign OEM enterprises under the pressure of market competition, intellectual property rights do not verify OEM products blindly orders, customs, human rights and ultimately lead to punishment claim. In 2008, 404 cases of infringement of intellectual property rights were seized by the customs of the Gongbei, and the value was 8 million 250 thousand yuan. "With the domestic product development technology continues to improve, domestic goods become tort target in overseas markets, the domestic market is worse than the infringement, such as the Zhongshan market has 75% African Lanju, is a fake, a loss of more than 200 million yuan. But at present, domestic enterprises apply for intellectual property rights, customs protection is not much, it is necessary to take action." Gongbei Customs Law Department intellectual property section chief Luo Huaxin said. (Editor: admin)With the Losangeles Lakers won the 2017 draft pick, Lonzo Ball joined That's final. near his father, LaVar Ball take place the resurrection. Lonzo Ball first personal signature shoes not long ago as high as $$495 ended in sales this too horrible to look at the way with the Lakers he believes Ball three brothers a gilded signboard, the value has gone up three times, if Nike, Adidas or Under Armour to sign him, at least to provide a value of $30 billion dollars contract! (anyway, before the $10 billion dollar contract was not simply, shameless, if you succeed in it?) 1.jpg (492.7 KB, download number: 19) download wanted to sign Lonzo Ball? Ready for $3 billion! 2017-5-18 13:38 Lonzo Ball upload, the Lakers, draft, Adidas, Nike 00According to the distressing "shoes" violence statement, Fuggit recently designed two pairs of imitation Nike style household knitted shoes. This special Air MAG Nike and Yeezy 2 can be comfortably worn at home, and the price is lower than the market price of 1/4 of the shoes. Shoe models are now available on the Fuggit online store, the retail price of $$90. now the Jordan Brand not only shoes in circles dominate, the design field is also more and more is not only just top brand basketball shoes, said here leisure shoes we have to mention the Jordan GROWN series. This latest exposure of Jordan Cumberland Mocc sample sample shoes, shoe body with orange suede leather and leather presented to us, mature atmosphere is our first impression of this pair of shoes, and shoes in the details of the care also let us rejoice. Ankle position matching the net surface design, the toe part joined the casual loafers special sewing techniques design, and tongue and heel were embroidered with and printed the classic Jumpman logo, Jordan Brand of excellent blood revealed beyond doubt. Even though the summer has come, such a high to help shoe models or it will be very hard for the details of the design to attract a lot of people to go after. Source:adidas Originals recently added this new "Dark Cargo" color to super popular innovative shoes Tubular Runner. Simple and neat streamlined shoes with chloroprene rubber joint with high quality suede material composition, the Israeli army green as the main theme throughout the leather heel, collocation support, and finally a lightweight EVA clean bottom closure. Priced at about $$125, the current "Dark Cargo" color Adidas Originals Tubular Runner has been purchased via , JD, Sports . -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! we'll find you a super girl on the mobile phone is out of the water should be how to deal with! explains the patented shoe making technology in hot shoes, and how many do you know? : Resurrection?! Diadora science stickers tell you why it can roll over By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! 1626 x presents: tidal power tidal Street - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - G-Shock Vashtie Kola joint 110 gold Nike, KD, VII, KD7, Flash, Lime, Durant, 7 lemons ASICS GEL-Lyte V new tie dye psychedelic color design "Dark Blue Tie-Dye" ASICS "Navy" GT-II Retro Running Shoes color comments on A: ASICS GEL-Lyte V new tie dye psychedelic color design "Dark Blue Tie-Dye" a ASICS GT-II "Navy" retro running shoes color? ? ???????? Adidas Originals just recently released a new Tubular shoes, the shoes have a Y-3 Qasa and the ZX family elements, this type of shoes is that designers in a variety of design essence retains its own brand, and to absorb the two popular series of clever fusion on breakthrough thinking. Tubular is made of high quality leather and mesh material. Although it has the shadow of Y-3, the little ones feel better than Y-3, and they have more colors. When they choose, they are easy to control and don't bully people. The key is! The price must be better than Y-3. Like friends, do not miss it. NIKE autumn and winter new color matching "Space Blue" Adidas Originals Tubular- gray color matching, the first to see comment on last article: NIKE winter and autumn new color matching "Space Blue" next article: adidas Originals Tubular- gray color matching, the first to seethese two days, BMW has announced a new 730Li BMW luxury sedan in Sanya. Behind the modern luxury, but also the mechanism of human nature and heritage of the re interpretation. The intelligent technology into the automotive field, make the product more humane, just in line with the core of today's product concept. intelligent areas continue to extend the scope of the recently released a also is the top of the configuration of light passenger TSINOVA intelligent electric bicycle. Car and bicycle, seemingly no relationship, but also quite a source of reality, the two also will be intelligent sensing technology into the daily travel, to bring about the future of unlimited possible travel. understanding light passenger TSINOVA wisdom electric bicycle products friends all know, light passenger wisdom electric bicycle equipped with a VeloUP!? the wisdom of the power system, it can through the built-in torque sensor and cadence sensor, speed sensor, real-time read rider intention, and independent judgment conditions, under different road conditions instantaneous output corresponding auxiliary power, the system accuracy, response speed is need, can bus data transmission to achieve. Because the data to collect 3 sensors at the same time, making the vehicle system to control the difficulty of the increase, the traditional point to point communication can not be effective operation of the. to solve this problem, light off the use of a wide range of applications in the automotive industry CAN bus distributed control system. CAN bus developed by the German BOSCH company, the first application in the BMW 7 series cars. Free communication can be realized between each intelligent node. The image of the point that the application of the CAN bus is like all the sensors and controllers to pull a WeChat group inside, all the information and data sharing. Group chat this way to enhance the efficiency of data transmission, communication rates up to 1Mbps (MB per second). CAN bus only through two wires connect all intelligent nodes, greatly simplifies the layout of the body line. In addition, due to the CAN bus transmission is a differential signal, so the ability to resist interference, improve the stability and reliability of the product. through the sensor system and CAN bus, light off the wisdom of electric bicycle to achieve the "wisdom" of the two main features: at any time to perceive the external environment is different; automatically make an accurate response. Because of this, light passenger car is a car automatic transmission of electric bicycle, can let users when riding without thinking and operating stalls, carefree carefree enjoy the best experience. intelligent electric bicycle, the wisdom of the core nature is indispensable. Fly think Carl Auto level CPU processing chip, make the concept of human vehicle interactions possible anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone app dynamic regulation, riding data monitoring, navigation and positioning, let the car to learn your driving habits, let you have a car you know better. in addition, light passenger TSINOVA more is the OBD car diagnostic system to complete the wireless performance of the firmware upgrade, the driving mode is more in line with the owners of the habit and demand; also equipped with three proofings lamp for a full LEDIP66 to ensure nocturnal Security 〉generally, the causes of pain in the chest is respiratory muscles, diaphragm muscle cramps are caused by. Lead to cramps may in many aspects: may run before eat too much, stomach weight heavier, running process involved the diaphragmatic muscle ligament; there may preparation activity is not ready, or accelerating too fast, blood is fast from the visceral pumped to the skeletal muscle, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the muscular diaphragm; or breathing too rapid, diaphragmatic muscle overload may also result in diaphragmatic muscle cramps. encountered such a situation, do not need to worry too much, usually only slow down the pace, rib pain will slowly disappear. If you are in a race or a test, do not want to slow down, then you need to better adjust the way of breathing and rhythm. Breathing patterns are usually classified in breathing and abdominal breathing, the characteristics of the former is breathing chest fluctuation is bigger, this way lead to violent movement of diaphragm and abdominal breathing chest rise and fall is not obvious, mainly rely on the rise and fall of the abdomen to breathe, this way can running reduced the burden on the diaphragm. Respiration of this specific method is: inhale abdomen as far as possible the expansion and replace the chest expansion, exhale as far as possible to relax and abdominal compression, breathing deep, exhale quickly, but also pay attention to the abdomen a rhythm and pace rhythm as far as possible, do not suddenly quickly suddenly slow. Can try two steps to breathe once, the breath point falls on the left foot, the suction point falls in the right foot way. Such diaphragm burden is ABS share a part, and race pace and generated shock can effectively prevent cramps. if this method is not useful, then it is best not to immediately stop, can temporarily slow down temporarily as a kind of preservation of physical means and retained strength striking. Some people think hand massage sore can play to the certain effect, this approach also has some truth, that is by an external force enable tense muscles relax, to prevent cramps, in reality there are a lot of people are doing this kind of, can also play a certain effect. we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel "attention" DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? (more than pictures from the network)