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Mark McNairy Woodland Camo Derby Lace-Ups 2013-12-08 22:31:15 Mark McNairy shoes this year can be described as heady, with the trend of the brand has a lot of cooperation, with bold and unconventional design practices to capture a lot of fashion people heart. While maintaining a close partnership with the major brands, , Mark McNairy did not forget to launch its own brand of shoes. The Mark McNairy Woodland Camo Derby Lace-Ups Mark McNairy is the winter season for us to bring the latest shoes, Mark McNairy based on Woodland Camo camouflage canvas shoes, the heel of the central part of the leather and camouflage texture of the conflict, let the whole visual hierarchy more perfect. The most interesting is still at the bottom of the shoes, Mark McNairy added a golden smiley face on the sole, quite interesting.At the end of the upcoming release of Air Jordan 11 Retro "Legend Blue" we have repeatedly made a report on you, again before the release of the latest news, Jordan Brand with shoes, in addition to create a series of peripheral products and collocation, and also taking into account seasonal factors, including hoodies, sweater, Mao Xianmao and socks, and a basketball shorts. The overall tone to blue black tone, has a similar flavor and shoes. Shoes will be on sale in December 20th with a price of $200.[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Recently, the international environmental organization Greenpeace recently released a test report sho Cheap air jordans for sale ws that some of the world's leading outdoor sports apparel brand Adidas included, TheNorthFace, JackWolfskin (dewclaws) and other 14 brands, Materials used in the presence of health and environmentally harmful chemical substances perfluorinated compounds (PFC) and the like. Investment Advisor in the light industry researcher Zhu Qing Hua told the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, perfluorinated compounds harmful PFOA prevalent in outdoor sports apparel brand, the substance is not detected in standard Chinese outdoor clothing Restriction. Adidas headquarters in China made a commitment in an interview for the "Daily Economic News" in: "2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in all products of our supply chain and all the manufacturing process." The report shows that the office of Greenpeace Germany JackWolfskin, TheNorthFace, Patagonia, KaikkiallaandMarmot other famous outdoor clothing brand products to do a sample survey. The results showed that 14 samples, all detected in the PFCs, especially the more toxic perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Including 8 detected high concentrations of perfluorooctyl ethanol (FTOH). In some samples also detected the toxic and hazardous substances such as plasticizers and nonylphenol. Meanwhile, Greenpeace said in a report, purchased from Germany, Switzerland and Australia, three countries of 14 products, 10 of which are produced in China, and the sewage generated in the production process are cheap air jordans online discharged into the Chinese rivers. In this report, Greenpeace asked outdoor clothing fabric should use safer alternatives to replace and eliminated PFC. The report showed that the majority of outdoor sports brand PFCs used in the production process, so as to ensure our outdoor clothing away from moisture problems. These man-made very stable fluorocarbons, if once they enter the environment, it is difficult to be eliminated. Zhu Qing Hua said, PFOA this substance in abundance in outdoor sports brand apparel, "but a small amount of PFOA does the human body much harm." "States for many years not to be limiting, present the substance of outdoor clothing in China testing standards in unfettered. " However, Germany is currently working to include this matter "extremely worrying substances" list. Adidas official in to the "Daily Economic News" reporter's reply, the company said one of the products have been tested. But from the product measured all chemical residues are well within the guidance range of laws and regulations. Volume chemical residues found in Adidas products for the consumer does not pose a threat to health or safety. Greenpeace in its report mentioned: the results of product testing will need proof of name brand outdoor eliminated PFCs from the production of products. Today, the material does not contain PFC have been available, outdoor apparel industry must continue to develop PFC alternatives and more environmentally frie jordans on sale mens ndly alternative for the production of products. In fact last year, Greenpeace has been prompted by the report and to detect some of the sports apparel brand which made a commitment to choose alternatives, including Nike and Puma. "clothing containing PFOA States now seems to have been accepted, but taking into account its harmful nature, the community should put pressure on them to find alternatives as quickly as possible, otherwise add up hazardous substances, bound to the environment and consumer health bring serious harm. "Zhu Qing Hua said. In the 1st, Adidas official replies in the interview has made a commitment in 2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. "Through collaboration, led by clothing and footwear industry until 2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in our supply chain, all products and all manufacturing processes." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News ) has always been adept at the technical innovation and classic design with Nike this winter the common clothing series of Tech fleece fabric into shoes, at the same time as this year Return Air Presto running shoes put on new clothes. Gray, black, two pairs of color are using this both warm and comfortable of science and technology of wool material production, into TPU shoes bracket and toe reinforcement, and equipped with comfortable air cushioned sole form. This new Air Presto Tech Fleece Nike series Cheap foamposites for sale will be officially launched in the past few weeks. source: HYPEBEASTHAL x ASICS & quot; Brick and Mortar & quot; series of shoes introduced 2013-12-08 22:40:44 Recently, the famous brand Asics shoes all over the world together to fashion a number of joint planning unit release. This time the Australian fashion names Asics and hand the HAL (& nbsp; Highs and Lows), to create a new & quot; Brick and Mortar & quot; shoes series. This series includes the Asics GL2 has two classic shoes Asics Lyte 3. Asics GL2 which to build a wine red, Asics Lyte 3 places to build with red dotted gray, two shoes are extremely popular now exudes a retro feel of the campus, is a good choice to send loved ancient people. It is reported that this series will be available worldwide on November 23, interested friends please pay close attention.Appears Boost technology, so that in the shoes of adidas cushioning technology to give a comprehensive upgrade, but also to implement the brand completely abnormal, we saw it appear on basketball shoes, running shoes, and now it will be in the shoes The body of friends. Recently launched adidas ZX 8000 Boost shoes, designer retains the iconic ZX Flux appearance of the image, which was integrated into the new technology brought us the extraordinary enjoyment. Nike Court Tour Leather Snake new work exposure 2013-12-08 22:50:21 Recently, network exposure this Nike Court Tour Leather "Year of the Snake" image, cater to the festive atmo jordan 3 katrina 2018 sphere of the Chinese Year of the Snake. Snake in which injection elements create this new Nike Court Tour Leather "Year of the Snake" can clearly be seen that the use of snakeskin lines of the Swoosh, heel and upper parts of the upper neckline. And clever in the heel by adding a label design 2013 words. The overall design is to meet the Chinese Year of the Snake breath, like a friend may wish to look. American past 2014-02-24 21:05:53 Although in recent years on joint shoes New Balance 1600 is not a lot, but in a few trend of a single product, we can still see something like Junya Wantanabe such top tide things. Today, a co-branded by the UBIQ New Balance 1600 appeared in front of us, in a very American style red and blue color design exactly what kind of hidden stories to tell, let us work together to be announced. This week's news is undoubtedly the focus when US President Barack Obama visited the headquarters of Nike, Nike for his Air Jordan MTM to create this news it! Today, the network has finally brought its true identity for us, albeit outsourcing and dust bag, but the "1" and "XX9" word, has let us excited, according to rumors is overwhelmed brand of Air Jordan XX9 Air Jordan shoe with braided leather uppers made a mutual exchange, I believe that in the near future we will see that it's kind of you, please continue to focus our follow-up reports. breast cancer color seems to have been hyper series indispensable element of, and following last week brought HyperDunk 2015 breast cancer color spy, overwhelmed, bring more detailed physical view map; color using the traditional theme of pink layout vamp, sports with the familiar black and white color filling, followed by a ribbon logo with a highlights the theme; release details please attention when customer follow-up report. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when clients", let more people to get your life! source: simon5302China Shoes News Network September 7, when the clear inventory of drama gradually drawing to a close, there is nothing in tow Adidas hind legs? Make China become the world's only income of negative growth regional markets. It is said that cum open net sales channels, Adidas China is working on the agency a "big shake" to train a group of loyal and has certain exclusive partner. To reporters press time, Adidas official did not respond to interview demands. "genuine" Adi online by holding Recently, the Paris court again sentenced luxury brand LV sued eBay e-commerce site on the Web site allows its users to sell counterfeit goods case a fine of 38.5 million dropped significantly from the 5.7 million euros. eBay satisfied with this result. However, despite the substantial reduction in fines, millions of euros are still a small number. This problem also occurs in the domestic e-commerce businesses Taobao body, but more and more brands official Taobao gradually avoid this risk. 17 August, Adidas opened Taobao Mall officially authorized shop. Press the "Alipay" Data show that Adidas Taobao formally launched only three days, daily sales have more than 3 million yuan, becoming similar products Taobao sales champion. But for industry giants Adidas, this is just a useful attempt, because the main task remains in the traditional sales channels. According to the official Adidas plans stores in China this year will increase to 6300 total. This is only visible part of the consumer, there will be a series of channels behind the adjustment operation. It is said that Adidas positive channels drastic reform, the specific approach is to develop a loyal and exclusive agent team. channels can not through thick and thin There are indications that, in the brand, both upstream manufacturers have no problem, it has become imperative to channel major surgery. before the semi-annual report released by Adidas in the first half 2010 total sales revenue of 5.59 billion euros, an increase of 11%, but in the Chinese market has been a retrogression, revenue fell 16%. In this and in 2009 the number of copies of the quarterly report, Adidas repeatedly mentioned "stock" problem. The industry view was expressed that a chain reaction which caused a direct impact on the capital chain demanding channel section. Early last year, Belle, Daphne and other Adidas dealers have gradually closed some stores. "All industry sectors are the same agent, only to quickly collect the money to pick up quickly, reaching the effect of flow of goods, inventory will undoubtedly suppress the lifeline agents." Liao Jierong apparel industry observers said agents often Adidas other agents brand, the limited funds selling other brands also reasonable in the matter. Looking for "good partners" has been, in the eyes of the investment bank, domestic brand Anta's growth is higher than Li Ning, the main reason for it is that the popular "asset-light model "(brand, its own research and development, production, channel outsourcing) did not completely rule Anta, it also has a certain percentage of its own factories and single-handedly support up only ANTA an agent team. It is reported that Adidas Reebok brand has related action. In early 2010, Reebok and Po Sheng signed an exclusive agency agreement. Which will establish a dedicated team with a vertical organizational structure into Reebok design, production, sales and so every step. According to industry sources, the current Reebok sales in China is less than one billion yuan, with a considerable scale of domestic sports brands everywhere, Adidas is looking at ways to solve this problem. Clearly, in this process, Adidas needs more "good partners."